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Viva Mitsubishi El Paso TX

Count on Viva Mitsubishi for Your Service Needs

At Viva Mitsubishi in El Paso, we work hard to offer the services that you need to keep moving forward. Our team is well-equipped to handle a number of needs from shopping for a new Mitsubishi or handling an oil change. Which is something that you are likely to appreciate.

When properly maintained, you can count on a Mitsubishi vehicle to give you reliable service for the many miles ahead. In order to do so, routine maintenance and repair are key. This is why we take pride in our ability to provide drivers with a Mitsubishi service center.

Shopping for Mitsubishi Maintenance or Repair?

Whether you’re in need of a tire rotation or a major service when you schedule a service at our dealership, you can count on us to get the job done right the first time. We offer the tools and automotive expertise to provide you with reliable service. Which means you can maximize the longevity of your Mitsubishi car or SUV.

At our dealership, we offer a variety of services. These include:

  • Engine Tune-Up
  • Engine and Cabin Air Filter Replacement
  • Oil Change
  • Brake Service

With these services, you can ensure that your Mitsubishi remains reliable for the road ahead.

Viva Mitsubishi El Paso TX
Viva Mitsubishi El Paso TX

Schedule Your Service Today at Viva Mitsubishi

Have you noticed a strange noise from your vehicle or is the check engine light on? That is likely a signal that you are in need of a service. You can schedule a service with our dealership online. Which means you will know exactly when to bring your vehicle to our dealer near Las Cruces. We work hard to offer a quick and efficient process. That way, you can spend less time getting your vehicle serviced and more time focusing on your day to day life. Schedule your Mitsubishi service with our dealership today.

Viva Mitsubishi Special

Synthetic Oil Change


Includes engine oil & oil filter change with OEM approved oil. Price may be higher for some models.

Viva Mitsubishi Special

Tire Rotation

Viva Mitsubishi Special

A/C Special

Viva Mitsubishi Special

Brake Pad Replacement


Front or Rear. Includes: Pads or linings replacement. Check calipers, hoses, and hardware. Inspect master cylinder. Replenish brake fluid. Examine tire for irregular wear.

Viva Mitsubishi Special

Four Wheel Alignment


Includes inspection of the front & rear suspension/steering components, adjustment of toe-in, camber and caster if applicable.

Viva Mitsubishi Special

Buy 3 Tires

Get 1 Free
Viva Mitsubishi Special

Battery Replacement


Includes a genuine OEM battery with 3-year unlimited range warranty & 2-year prorate thereafter.

Viva Mitsubishi Special

Multi-Point Inspection


Bring your vehicle in for a Multi-Point Inspection at NO CHARGE. From inspecting belts and hoses to checking tire pressure and battery terminals, our Factory Certified Technicians will make sure your vehicle is in great shape

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